Senior Tour

Our goal is to provide a fun and effective learning environment encouraging each student to develop his or her golf skills to their highest potential. Throughout their 6-week program consists of 3 weeks devoted to the Full Swing and 3 weeks to the Short Game. The program will include full swing, short game, drills, performance development games and prize competitions. The specific topics covered over the 6-week session are outlined on the attached Lesson Schedule.

John Cochrane and his team have extensive teaching experience with seniors. Through 1995 to 2006, John was the Director of Golf at the Family Golf Learning Center in Oakville, Canada where he was responsible for all operational aspects of the golf educational programs at the Center including development and instruction.
A highly motivated and positive teacher, John holds extensive training in both the CPGA and PGA of America Advanced Teaching Programs. His unique teaching style, blended with a balanced training program consisting of the full swing, short game with special emphasis on physical and psychological training, has allowed beginning, intermediate and advanced players to achieve and exceed their goals to reach a higher level of golf expertise and a more consistent level of play.
Our team of highly qualified Instructors will be with the students for 6 weeks. Each lesson is one and a half full hour in duration, for a total of 9 hours instruction. The cost of Senior Tour 6-lesson Program is $299.00.

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Lesson Format – Six week Program

1. Grip, stance, posture, alignment and finish position

2. Pivot and back awing

3. Impact position with pitching technique. Continuing development on backswing and finish position

4. Pitching review and putting technique and preshot routine

5. Putting review and chipping technique and preshot routine

6. Chipping review and Bunker technique and preshot routine