Little Kids Want To Play Too

The answer is very simple. When your kid wants to go to the golf course or the driving range with you, it’s time. Your kid really wants to spend time with you and have fun. If they do not want to go or are not having fun then it’ll be an unpleasant experience.

At the early stages, a kid only understands the joy and laughter shared with their parent. Pars, birdies and eagles are totally irrelevant.

The next crucial part is ensuring they have the right golf clubs for their height and age. The wrong size clubs can be too long or too heavy. Both will cause a child to develop bad swings by compensating. 

U.S Kids clubs are offered at ACE driving ranges and go by the height of your child not by their age.

For those parents who do not golf or those who would like another person to teach them, we offer a Little Lads and Lasses program at Diamond Hill on Saturday mornings from 10-11am.   


There are four stations set up to ensure the kids are fully engaged with new goals every 20 minutes.

Putting – six different stations so each kid is not waiting for their turn

Chipping/pitching – three different stations hitting real golf balls into spinning pinatas

Bunkers – hitting out the bunkers (sandbox)

Full swing – (Big Dog) hitting to a simulated par three.

Lots of games for the kids to play and have fun without realizing they’re learning.

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