River Hills Community, Valrico

River Hills Community

John E. S. Cochrane Golf School would like to thank the River Hills community for their continues support over the past 10 years. We are dedicated too serving the River Hills community.    I have been involved with River Hills Golf Club and the community since 1997.  The new owner of River Hill made the decision in January to sever ties with John E S Cochrane Golf Schools.  John E. S. Cochrane Golf Schools were disappointed in the decision considering the detailed business plan to help the success of River Hills and an extensive plan of involvement with the community.  Having successful partnerships will help keep cost down and ensure community success.


John E S Cochrane Golf Schools have moved our all our River Hill Golf School programs to Bloomingdale Golfers Club.  Please click “River Hills Community” on our main page and click the link below for the Upcoming Summer Kids Camps Program


Once again, we look forward to our continued success in serving the River Hills Community


Yours truly,


John E. S. Cochrane

President/ Director of Golf

John E. S. Cochrane Golf Schools Inc



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