How about that....2nd place, however next year.                                                  How about that….2nd place, however next year.


Welcome  to  the  John E. S. Cochrane  Golf  Schools  and Tampa Bay HEAT Intramural (4th-8th grade) Program. Throughout their 10 weeks (10 hours of instruction), the juniors will be working on various components of the game of golf to prepare them for their league competition. The program includes different areas of  the full swing, short game, drills, performance development games and on course training.   John Cochrane’s staff has extensive teaching experience with all levels of juniors and are with them the entire class.


 Lesson Format – Ten Week Program

    • Lesson 1:  setup position and follow through
    • Lesson 2:  putting
    • Lesson 3:  on course 
    • Lesson 4:  back swing
    • Lesson 5:  chipping
    • Lesson 6:  on course
    • Lesson 7:  impact
    • Lesson 8:  pitching
    • Lesson 9:  on course
    • Lesson 10:  bunker and competition


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